Paintless dent removal is a revolutionary process of removing small dents, creases, and dings from all areas of the vehicle without using body filler, paint, bondo, or other foreign substances. It can save you both time and money from the inconveniences of having to leave your car at a body shop. It is the best possible repair because once your car is repaired you will never know we worked on it. Your factory finish will be preserved. All repairs can be done in 1 day and in most cases in just a few hours. 

We use steel rods to get behind the dent and slowly thru creating leverage we massage the dent back to its original state. We access the dent primarily thru factory holes or openings that already exist in your vehicle. It is a non invasive process where we do not remove panels. 

If you have been in an auto collision there is no substitute for a body shop but if you have small damages from someones door or shopping cart or even slight run in with a pole Dentworks is for you.

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